Spring Actionscript

Spring ActionScript is an offshoot of the Java-based Spring Framework written in ActionScript 3. It is targeted for the Flash, Flex and AIR platforms. The framework contains a versatile Inversion of Control Container, a micro MVC library and extensions for the Cairngorm and PureMVC frameworks.


Since the Spring Actionscript 2 is in continueing development it might be a good idea to create your own build directly from the SVN sources.

In order to do this check out this branche: https://src.springframework.org/svn/se-springactionscript-as/branches/2.0

You either create an IDE project for the various projects in the branche, or use the provided Maven pom.

Running the mvn clean compile command will build all the libraries, mvn clean test will run the tests. mvn clean site post-site will generate the site and reference documentation.

NB: Generating the documentation locally will require you to install the javax.media.jai_core library v1.1.3 manually in your local maven repository.



  • Spring Actionscript 2.0.1
  • Spring Actionscript 2.0.1 (Flex extensions)
  • Spring Actionscript 2.0.1 Full (with dependencies and Flex extensions)

Spring Actionscript uses the following base libraries internally, the functionality that Spring uses is merged into the swc's so there is no immediate need to include these libraries as well.

  • as3commons-async
  • as3commons-bytecode
  • as3commons-collections
  • as3commons-eventbus
  • as3commons-lang
  • as3commons-logging
  • as3commons-metadata
  • as3commons-reflect
  • as3commons-stageprocessing
  • flex-async (only for the Flex extensions of course)

The .swc files for these libraries can be downloaded from the AS3Commons website

Once you have downloaded the files, they need to be installed in a permanent library location.
You need to inform your IDE that you want these libraries included in the search path of the compiler and build.

Maven repository

Spring Actionscript is also deployed to yoolab.org maven repository where you can find all releases and snapshots

Use the following code to use it in your maven project:



ElementRiver has created the SourceMate plugin for Flashbuilder, amongst other things this features code completion for metadata. You can download a configuration file for SourceMate containing the Spring Actionscript specific metadata here.

If you are using Flashbuilder 4.5+ you won't need this anymore since this version of the IDE offers native metadata completion. The downloadable swc's have been embedded with the appropriate metadata.xml files.